Dangerous Paschal Parking Lot

A scratched car in the student parking lot.


A scratched car in the student parking lot.

Ella Herdman, Reporter

Anyone that drives themselves to Paschal and home every day knows that the parking lot can be a dangerous place. An extreme example being a former Panther being hit by a car and seriously injured in the previous school year.


 However, the problem students are most likely to come across and worry about on a day to day basis is their car being hit.  Unfortunately, with so many young drivers in a confined space, accidents are bound to happen.


 In the junior and senior lot, this problem seems to occur a concerning amount. Fellow writer for the Pantherette, Claire Hollis, can personally attest. She would walk out to her car each day with new dents in the driver’s side door from the car next to her swinging their door open and hitting her car. 


Another incident occurred the second day of this school year when senior, Emma Coulborn, was sitting in her car before going to class and got side swiped by the car right next to her. “I was sitting in my car, and she pulled out and hit my car. I thought she was going to stop and get out, but she just drove away.” 


Even my own car got its back bumper bent upwards in the Paschal parking lot, and I still have no idea who did it. 


Student drivers who continue to hit other cars in the parking lot  need to start taking accountability as many students are becoming skeptical of parking in a lot where their vehicle could end up damaged.