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Newspaper graphic of the FWISD Watchdog scrutinizing the MBK field trip.

My Brother’s Keeper Quarterly Reports

Hector Valenzuela, Reporter April 18, 2024

In August 2023, the My Brother’s Keeper FWISD program came under fire due to claims that the $255,000 budget was unwarranted, stemming from the belief of a few Fort Worth community members that the program...

Graphic created with Canva.

Artificial Intelligence: Is it Plagiarism?

Ram Verma, Reporter April 11, 2024

When an assignment’s deadline is fast approaching and a student is at the end of his rope, the allure of simply turning to a generative AI like ChatGPT for help is undeniable. Say, for instance, a frantic...

Two attendees of the February 27th FWISD school board meeting hold up opposing signs.

FWISD Adopts Abstinence-based Sex-ed, Choosing the Best

Maya Perez, Reporter April 10, 2024

Sex education will return to Fort Worth ISD health classes this year after the district approved the student health advisory council’s recommendation for the abstinence-based Choosing the Best curriculum....

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Tori Sky, Reporter April 5, 2024

The next time you MIGHT have a chance to see a total eclipse of the sun,  most of today’s Paschal’s students will be well into their 40s. Ms. Buckner and Mr. King might be ready to retire and Mr....

FWISD Celebrates Womens History Month, electronic banner posted on

FWISD Celebrates Women’s History Month

Maya Perez, Editor March 19, 2024

March is Women’s History Month and Fort Worth ISD is participating in the nation’s commemoration of pioneering and impactful historical women.    On FWISD’s website, the district shared...

Texas Governor Greg Abbott holding up signed SB4 bill criminalizing illegal entry into the state during Brownsville Texas Historic Border Security spectacle. (Photo taken Dec. 18th, 2023, sourced from @governorabbott on Instagram.)

Convictions Loom Large for Migrants in Texas

Hector Valenzuela, Reporter February 1, 2024

As of Monday, December 18, Governor Greg Abbott has signed Senate Bill 4 into Texas law. The bill, which is causing controversy recently, gives law enforcement the ability to arrest and detain individuals,...

Menthol-flavored Zyns are pictured in the hand of the user and shared by another.

Zyndemic: The New Wave of Teen Nicotine Addiction

Mason Lawrence, Reporter January 24, 2024

There is a rise in nicotine dependency among teenagers. It’s something we have been warned about countless times through our schools, our parents, or the anti-vaping ads across the US. We know it all...

Two students filling out the FASFA application during an advisory presentation by Ms. Cannon in room 155.

FAFSA Delay Complicates Student’s Financial Aid Process

Ram Verma, Reporter January 12, 2024

With the recent FAFSA rollout in December, many are left wondering what could have taken so long and when they should apply. Usually, the FAFSA comes out in October, and students are advised to fill it...

Online scams are becoming an increasingly dangerous threat as scammers come up with more and more creative ways to trick targets.

Incoming Call: Scam Likely

Hector Valenzuela, Reporter December 8, 2023

Our lives are held almost entirely online; business dealings, transactions, bill payments, and even tax returns can now be conducted from the comfort of your phone. However, while the advent of technology...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale emails sent during late November.

The Fall of Black Friday Culture

Hedaya Abdul Karim, Reporter December 5, 2023

American consumers are projected to spend record amounts during the 2023 holiday season, so why didn’t we see packed stores and families fighting over TVs on Black Friday? Two words: online shopping.    Since...

Student scrolling on her phone

Florida Bans Phones in School

Ram Verma, Reporter November 28, 2023

Last May, Florida passed a law that required its school districts to ban cell phones in the classroom. Recently, Orange County, Florida, went one step further and banned the use of cell phones for the...

Photo of a rally against school vouchers in Austin, Texas, taken Oct. 7, 2023

Where’s The Money? Texas House debate continues over school voucher legitimacy

Maya Perez, Editor November 16, 2023

For the first time in Texas history, the state legislature has entered a fourth special session in the same year as the regular session. Governor Abbott’s call for the fourth 30-day extension to the...

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