School Board Makes Calendar Decision for 2019-2020 Year


2019-2020 Calendar

Ella Barrett, New Reporter

 The Fort Worth ISD Board of Education votes on 435-minute school day for 2019-2020 school year.

 Throughout the month of February, the FWISD Board of Education made an active poll that allowed teachers, students, and parents to vote to decide the length of school days next year.

 The State of Texas requires that students have a 75,600 minute instructional year so the Board of Education came up with two options for the next school year.

 One option was a 435-minute-day which would mean no change from the current schedule.The other option would be a 450-minute-day which would mean that each school day would be 15 minutes longer but the school year would end a week earlier.

 According to the FWISD newsletter, 61% of votes (6,167 votes) were in favor of the 435-minute-day and 39% of votes (3,865 votes) were in favor of the 450-minute-day.

 At the February 26 Board Meeting, it was decided to keep the school day the same length.

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