Maggie Rogers: A new type of Popstar


Lily Fields

Maggie Rogers is the future of music. Her recent release of Heard It In A Past Life is a testimony of who she was, who she is, and who she hopes to be.

This Maryland native singer-songwriter gained acclaim after grabbing the attention of Pharrell Williams, in a masters class at NYU, for her new-Alt folk hit Alaska in 2016. Rogers has released several EP’s following this encounter and signed to Capitol Records. Heard It In A Past Life is her first full length album, featuring her hits Alaska, On+Off, and Light On.

Rogers lyrics are extremely self reflective, and her internal struggle dealing with her newfound fame is evident through her vulnerability. She bares her soul to her listeners by blending her lyrics to an almost chaotic mix of pop and electronic beats.

While the beats can become repetitive, Rogers’ sound does not. Her artistic range on the album is astonishing, going from piano ballads like Past Life to complex dance songs like The Knife and Retrograde. Her music is constantly evolving, from folk, to classical, to electronic, and now pop.  Rogers’ style is uncategorized, letting her music fit her message.

The album is extremely versatile, much like Rogers’ musical influences of Vivaldi to Erykah Badu. Maggie is expanding the pop sphere. She puts her own spin on the genre, and pushes the boundaries by letting her songs have meaning in a meaningless produced pop-age of music. Maggie communicates with her listener and gets personal through her storytelling.

Rogers is trying to discover who she is, and her songs compose a diary of her journey. To quote Maggie herself,

Inevitably, I found my space in the place between knowing who I was and finding out who I am.”

Heard it in a past life is a self-declaration of Rogers artistic ability to not be defined by anyone except herself.

The authenticity of the album is evident when Rogers admits to breaking down in Light On,

Oh, I couldn’t stop it. Tried to slow it all down. Crying in the bathroom. Had to figure it out. With everyone around me saying, ‘You must be so happy now.’ ”

Roger’s introverted personality is brought to life through her cathartic realizations. In The Knife her words depict how crushing reality can be,

“Oh, the knife of insight brought me to my knees. Broke me down and taught me how to see.”

Maggie’s emotions are simply relatable,

‘Cause people change overnight. Things get strange, but I’m alright.”

Her lyrics convey what so many people cannot say for themselves.

Individually Rogers’ songs are beautiful, but when pieced together they create a masterpiece of the human experience. Heard It In A Past Life encompasses the regrets and emotions of the past, and provides a message of hope for the future.

Maggie Rogers has a clear vision of who she is: flawed. And she encourages others to embrace their mess by singing about her own messy mistakes. Her song is self-love and her message is just beginning. unshaven girl веббанкир погасить займденьги онлайн займзайм через систему золотая корона первый займ без процентов с 18 летлайм займ спбзайм карту