FWISD Announces Graduation Date!


Grace Wimberly, Editor-in-Chief

There might be a reason for Seniors to keep attending those online classes! FWISD just announced an official graduation date of June 18th. This came as a surprise announcement after many students and parents had been questioning the date and plan of action for graduation. 


The graduation ceremony will take place at Farrington Field at 7:30pm on Friday, June 18th. Further details of the graduation will likely be announced at a later date, such as how many family members each student will be allowed to have and how seating will go in accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines. 


In the event of bad weather, FWISD has said they will be postponing the graduation to either Monday, June 21 or Tuesday, June 22. 


So far, the only information that has been released is the date, time, and location of graduation. Keep checking back for updates, as this is a developing story.