UIL Cheer Competition



Cheerleaders right before they left school to compete at UIL state competition.

Casey Speer

Over the weekend, the Junior Varsity and Varsity Paschal Cheerleaders competed in a UIL state competition, which was held at the Convention Center in Downtown Fort Worth. 

Head cheer coach Alex Saenz said, ”These girls have been preparing for this competition for months. With daily practices until 6:00, and sometimes full days on Saturdays for choreography, they had lots of practice to feel prepared for the competition.”

Cheer coaches giving the team a pep talk before their performance.

According to Coach Saenz, the cheerleaders were more than ready to compete. 

In order to make finals Squads must rank in the top 20 highest scores out of all the teams that compete. This year there were 58 total teams in their division. They continued the next day to keep competing in finals, and after a long weekend of big bows and lipstick, they ended the competition placing 15th overall out of the top 20 teams.

Cheerleaders backstage waiting to go on to perform.

Lily Hollis, senior and Varsity Head Cheer Captain, said,” We worked super hard to prepare for our competition, usually over 12 hours a week. Our goal was to make it to finals, which is the top 20 teams out of 58 6A in Texas. We made it to finals and placed 11th in band dance! Our hard work paid off and it was the best possible way to close out my years of cheerleading.” 

There weren’t any medals or trophies awarded to the girls, but since their original goal was just to make finals, they count it as a win for the Paschal Cheer program.

Panther nation chant performed by cheerleaders.


Cheerleaders who competed for Paschal Cheer this weekend:

Sarah Jackson

Claire Addington

Marguerite Larson

Ella Alvarado

Clara Thomas

Natalie Nickerson

Savannah Hardt

Cadence Tubre

Basden Wilson

Hope Velayos

Alexis Perry

Leyton Federick

Aidan Jones

Brooke Villegas

Casey Speer

Kate Berger

Adeline page

Ava Alvarado

Lizzie Dukes

Yesenia Maya

Anna Whitworth

Pepper Hahnfeld

Samantha Haro

Olivia Phillips

Ella Ortenberg

Avery Black

Victoria Arriaga

Lily Hollis

Laila Cabrera

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