A Review of My Mind and Me


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A screen cap from My Mind and Me of Selena riding in a car.

Leslie Casique, Reporter

   The inside look at celebrities’ mental health is intriguing to research and to observe since it serves as a reminder that they are regular people who experience the same difficulties as everyone else. This film, My Mind and Me, is outstanding and offers a completely fresh perspective on Selena Gomez and the values she upholds.

    Her grief and suffering serve as an inspiration and are relevant in so many different ways. It was a fantastic movie, and I have a lot of admiration for people like Selena who are willing to exhibit this aspect of themselves because it alters the way you view mental health and raises the crucial awareness that this subject sorely needs.

   Everyone should watch this movie, in my opinion, since it will make you think deeply about yourself and allow you to relate to the difficulties as if they were parts of your own story. Fantastic message and a great movie. There is frequently a lot more to well-known celebrities’ lives than first appears.

   Selena Gomez transitioned from a kid actress to a well-known singing sensation to someone who shares our vulnerability. Selena is known to her followers today as an actress, singer, and someone who speaks out for a number of crucial subjects involving teenage mental health and wellbeing. Selena has attempted to balance her work career as a singer and actor with her personal life, where she faces a number of mental health conditions like Lupus and Bipolar Disorder.

    Many things have been reported about Selena Gomez’s private life, most notably her turbulent public relationship with musician Justin Bieber. My Mind and Me’s main focus is on Selena’s complicated mental relationship and how she sometimes finds it difficult to function.The film starts in 2016, after Selena and Justin Bieber’s final, legally binding breakup following years of on-and-off dating. Selena deals with newer difficulties of validation where she feels unworthy after overcoming numerous obstacles in her personal life.The singer breaks down, which is sure to send viewers down an emotional ride.

   The 2016 Revival Tour becomes the next professional commitment Selena takes before abruptly ending it due to the toll it took on her mental health. As the plot of “My Mind and Me” develops, Selena’s many problems with anxiety and depression prior to the onset of her autoimmune condition, lupus, are highlighted.She finally needed a kidney transplant because the illness had rendered one of her kidneys ineffective. The singer describes how her life started to fall apart before she was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The documentary tries to demonstrate how Selena overcame all of it and evolved into the person she is now rather than chronicling any of her low points. She describes her challenges while also shedding light on her attempts to improve the situation.

    Since being admitted to rehab in 2018 to recover from the ill effects of chemotherapy and her lupus diagnosis, Selena has recovered from one of her most melancholy bouts. Selena is in a much better place than when the movie began, thus it concludes on a happy note. This demonstrates the significance of addressing mental health issues, and Selena deserves praise for displaying her humanity as she made a positive life change.