The World Cup is Here!



The Logo for this years World Cup in Qatar.

Sarak Chhim, Reporter

The World Cup has begun! The FIFA World Cup is a soccer tournament between teams from 32 countries, it is held every four years. This is because it gives national teams enough time for the qualification tournaments and playoffs to take place. Additionally, four years provides the host country with appropriate time to plan the logistics of the tournament, and how to best control the millions of fans coming to see one of the most watched sporting events in the world!


For this year’s World Cup, it will be held in Qatar (a country in the Middle East). It is said that Qatar has spent the most money on the World Cup this year. It is the most expensive of any World Cup held since the first in 1930. According to a variety of experts and reports, the costs will exceed $200 billion and could go higher. 


To put that in perspective, the most expensive World Cups previously were the 2014 tournament in Brazil and the 2018 edition in Russia, which both cost less than $15 billion. The reason why Qatar is spending over $200 billion on the World Cup is because of the lack of appropriate infrastructure for the teams and fans. These include the construction of an innovation center with hotels, a sophisticated metro network, 8 stadiums and a few airports.


During the World Cup half time, it is said the artist “Lil Baby ” is set to perform.