A Trashy Paschal

     As the long remodel of our school finally came to an end and students are now allowed to enjoy the new school re-built with millions of  dollars from FWISD bond programs, the enjoyment is cut short as the halls and parking lots are flooded with trash.

     I think everyone can agree that Paschal, while having brand new additions and remodeled halls, is becoming a polluted, unsanitary school. Walking in the halls and seeing trash from fast food restaurants, papers, and empty cups everywhere makes the new shimmer of Paschal very dull. On top of this, the parking lots are littered with the same trash, especially after lunch time and the worst part of this is the trash in the parking lot is after the rain, when all of the surrounding trash gets so soggy and spreads even further after deteriorating.

      The trash at Paschal makes it almost unbearable to enjoy a learning environment when there are empty cups and left over food surrounding you. With all this trash flowing through the school two questions come to mind: Who are the main antagonist promoting this pollution? Is it the huge lack of trash cans around the halls and near the parking lots  or the students inability to clean up after themselves?

I attempted to get a comment from Mr. Langston, but he did not respond to my questions by my deadline on why Paschal ignored the trash around the school. So, I asked students around the school what they thought about  this “trashy” situation.  Jocelyn Sha said “It’s hard to get to school on time based on how some of the parking lot is still flooded and filled with empty cups and it’s even harder to get in and out of the car with the water flooded around the car covered with trash.” It’s obvious that this lack of management of trash around school is becoming a huge problem for the students who are responsible enough to clean up after themselves.” Charlotte Forney also added that “after being at Paschal for almost 4 years, I’m now unfortunately used to our school campus looking unorderly because of the trash that’s everywhere. I hope this disappointing situation can improve for the incoming classes.” Along with this, Jackson Woodall added, “Since they renovated the school, I feel like the interior of Paschal is somewhat cleaner than what it used to be.”

      ‘That being said,” Woodall continued, “there’s still a major problem with trash, especially on the outside parts of campus and in the restrooms, which I avoid for that reason.” So the question is: What is Paschal going to do about this pollution of trash everywhere? Let us know if you have a solution or a comment!