Prom Preparations!

Prom Preparations!

Getting ready for prom is a long process that starts months in advance.

Starting at least a month before, girls start searching for the perfect dress. You can shop for dresses in person at stores such as Whatchamacallit and Neiman Marcus. Recently many girls have been finding dresses online at websites including Revolve, Boohoo, and Nordstrom. Or you can go the affordable route by shopping at Prom Dreams (see Prom Dreams article) or any other vintage store.

After you find your dress, then you send it off to get altered. There are many places to get your dresses altered in Fort Worth, such as Noel Alterations and Pro Tailor. 

Next, you begin shopping for heels and accessories. Some affordable places to find shoes are DSW and Nordstrom Rack. There are many boutiques in Fort Worth that sell jewelry including, Dear Hannah and Beehive. 

Leading up to the week of prom, you get your last-minute things together. Some people like to get spray tans so they look better in pictures. You can get a spray tan at places like Tan 2 Glow and Vanity Room. Next, you get your nails done. Everyone does different things with their nails, such as dip, gel, and regular polish. Park Place and Onyx Nail Bar are great places to get a good manicure and/or pedicure. 

Lastly, on the day of prom, you do your hair and makeup. A few people get their makeup done. You can make an appointment to get your makeup done at Neiman Marcus or Dillards, or you can do your makeup on your own. Hair appointments can be made at Dry Bar and Ulta. Girls choose from a variety of hairstyles, including curls, waves, updos, and many others. 

Now, you are ready for prom! The months leading up can be stressful, but it is all worth it for the best night of senior year.