It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Sophie Arrington, Reporter

    You heard that right folks it’s Girl Scout Cookie season. These infamous cookies have been a highlight in many lives since the 1910’s! Starting off with just an ambitious young  girl baking cookies with her mom and selling them to locals, now thousands of young girls sell these cookies across America to eager customers and have become a token icon in our culture. Young girls across America get to work on their social and managerial skills while connecting with people across their community and we in return get delicious cookies!


   This 2023 year, the classic cookies that everyone can recognize like samoas, do-si-dos, tagalongs, trefoils, and of course the thin mints have returned. Along with these more recognizable cookies, adventurfuls, caramel chocolate chip, girl scout smores, lemon ups, toast-yay, toffee-tastic, and the new flavor of raspberry rally, which is exclusively online. If you are interested in buying some of these, the girl scout cookies website has locations near you and the dates of the set up:

   Despite how tempted one might be to rush and get these exclusive cookies before their season is over, one thing might limit this temptation, the price increase. A box of cookies is now around $5-$6 which has become a very controversial topic. According to a statement made from Girl Scout Branch, “Specialty cookies, such as Girl Scout S’mores and Toffee-tastic, will stay at their current $6-per-box price. Declines in membership and participation in cookie sales during the pandemic led to the adjustment in prices.” While this explanation can satisfy some, many around the school and our community are quite taken back. For example, Senior Ryan Taing said “I would happily pay 5 dollars for some good cookies.” In contrast to this, Go Center Advisor Hannah Cannon added that “I used to be able to buy 6 boxes for 6 dollars in total. That sucks.”  Overall, do you think you will go out and buy some girl scout cookies while you have the chance or is the price increase too frustrating?