BeReal or BeSquare



Everyday at a randomized time users receive a notification to BeReal

Caroline Gutierrez, Reporter

It’s time to BeReal about what makes this app so fun! The app, which asks its users to take a picture of whatever they’re doing at the universal randomized time that a notification is sent out to “BeReal!”, was latched onto by Paschal students. Some social media apps that pop up quickly deflate just as rapidly, but BeReal has lasted through the summer and pulled through into the school year.


So what is it that makes this app worth it? People seem to like the opportunity to share a little piece of their day. Senior Brooke Baxter says, “It allows you to be real and be in the moment and show authentically what your life looks like.” Senior Ryan Dearden adds, “It allows people to capture a specific moment in their day that might not seem very interesting, but it is, and it also allows you to see what your friends are up to as well.” These comments point to the original purpose of the app, to find appeal in the mundane and share it with others.


But of course, any social media app comes with its own problems. Mya Stokes, a senior, criticizes the app for being a little too real, saying “I dislike that it shows how many retakes I take because that’s embarrassing.” Another senior, Tess Jenkins, says “It never loads, it’s glitchy, and all around it sucks, but people make funny faces, so what can you say?” Overall, the problems associated with BeReal are minor and don’t keep most people from participating.


All in all, BeReal has become a fun way to connect with friends and acquaintances, and seems like a great trend for Panthers to hop on.