The Cost of Graduation

Ivy Holloway, Reporter

2023 seniors have a lot to do; clubs, sports, college applications, school and of course graduation.

Here are the costs of graduation:

Cap and gown (not optional)

Cap and gowns are between ~$40-$60

(Any graduation product can be purchased a la cart but you will be presented with expensive packages!)

Glamourcraft senior

Although there is no charge for having a picture taken for the yearbook, it costs money to get personal photos. 


$10 per chord

Application fees

The average collage application fee is around $50, but you can go to the GO center and get fee waivers!


Yearbooks can be purchased for $60 throgh September 30. After that date, the price will be $70

Senior ads

Full page ad: $300

½ page ad: $180

¼ page ad: $90

1/8 page ad $50


Prom tickets are $75 before March 22nd. After this date, tickets will be $85. This of course is not including outfits and other costs.

 To conclude, it is imperative that you get the necessary items to graduate, and it’s never too early to save for the other things!