Conservatives Needed!

Conservatives Needed!

How do you feel about the Biden Presidency? Abortion? Climate change? Vaccine mandates? 

Share your opinion with JSA!

Junior State of America (JSA) is a nationwide organization aimed at promoting high schoolers engagement in political life. Texas JSA was developed in 1992 and our current state governor is Kaitlyn Hou. 

Civics-minded students have the weekly opportunity to debate and converse about hot topics. In order to foster productive meetings, the chapter needs a wide range of diverse political beliefs. JSA is in dire need of conservative opinions.

Paschal’s JSA chapter is led by senior Jackson Woodall and sponsored by the Schnitzius brothers. Meetings are after school in English Schnitzius’ room (N405). This club offers members a chance to expand their political knowledge and improve communication skills. Additionally, Paschal’s chapter partakes in the JSA state Fall and Spring trip where all Texas chapters meet for larger scale debates and thought talks. 

Jackson Woodall joined his freshman year where he found a warm dynamic of young leaders. “I love JSA because it has given me, and many others, the opportunity to openly express our views on current political issues which affect our generation now, and in the future in a friendly and open space. That’s why I also think YOU should join JSA,” said Woodall.