Emma and Mia's Thoughts on Endgame *No Spoilers*

Photo from Wikipedia

Photo from Wikipedia

Emma Henry and Mia Abbe

In case you haven’t heard, the fourth Avengers movie, Avengers: Endgame, comes out in theaters Friday (or Thursday night, if you got pre tickets like we did). The excitement (and fear) for this movie has been building since last April, when Avengers: Infinity War shocked MCU fans by turning half of the universe to dust, including some favorite heroes like Spiderman, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Groot, and even Nick Fury. For those who don’t remember the events of Infinity War (or have blocked the trauma from their memory), the Avengers, along with heroes from every MCU movie, worked together to attempt to stop Thanos, a titan, from gathering all six Infinity Stones from various parts of the universe. Unfortunately, the Avengers did not succeed, and when he had all six stones, Thanos “snapped” and wiped from existence half of the universe in an attempt to “bring balance”. This means that millions of Marvel fans had to witness the death of half of their favorite characters, bringing many, including us, to tears in the theater.


In the past year, during the aftermath of “The Snap”, thousands of fan theories have emerged, predicting the possible ways the remaining Avengers will defeat Thanos. One popular theory is that the Avengers will go back in time to collect the infinity stones before Thanos does, possibly using the Quantum Realm in some way to assist them. Others believe that Captain Marvel, the newest addition to the MCU with her solo movie in March, will be the key to defeating Thanos.  Another theory states that the living Avengers will sacrifice themselves in some way to resurrect the dead Avengers, with the help of the soul stone. However, there are also some less likely theories floating around the internet, including one where Ant Man shrinks down and enters Thanos’ butt, and then expands, hopefully killing the titan.


Here’s what we do know: The Avengers are going to time travel in some way, and use the Quantum realm some how. Spiderman, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians (at least some of them) will come back in some way. They have solo movies coming out in 2019 and 2020. There is also a possibility that Loki, Thor’s brother, will also return (even though he died in Infinity War, there is a chance of him coming back via flashback). The original Avengers will no longer be gracing our screens, as Endgame is the final movie in their contract. There is fear that Tony Stark or Captain America, our beloved original heroes will meet their maker.


Whatever happens, there will certainly be a surprise in store for all Marvel fans when they walk into the theater. And remember- Thanos demands your silence.


Mia and Emma’s Thoughts on Endgame:


“If Iron Man dies, I die,” – Mia


“As long as Spiderman and Bucky come back, I’ll be happy. I need Tom Holland and Sebastian Stan back in my life,”  – Emma


“I hope Vision stays dead.  If he comes back to life, I will drop kick his AI butt back to the Soul Stone,” – Mia


“The only ending we’ll be happy with is if Ant Man crawls up Thanos’ butt,” – Mia and  Emma


“Taylor Swift’s song Endgame better be in the soundtrack,” – Mia and Emma


“I spent a whole weekend watching all the movies. It better be worth it,” -Mia


“It will,”  –  Emma


“I think this movie might kill me. Mrs. Sikes, I apologize, my Essay on Friday will have tear stains,” –  Emma


“I think I may have to go to therapy after this,” – Mia


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