Paddles up for Pickleball

a pickle ball paddle courtesy of court side kitchen

a pickle ball paddle courtesy of court side kitchen

Within the past few years, a new sport has become all the craze- pickleball. A mix between ping pong and tennis, pickleball is becoming one of the main hobbies of all ages from teens to seniors. To go along with this new fad, many facilities have popped up around the area with pickleball courts available to rent out.

One of these places is located on Rogers Avenue right behind University Park Village. Court side Kitchen is an interesting mix of a sit-down restaurant and a workout. They offer pickleball courts to rent out for only $10 per 30 minutes.

They also offer paddles and balls to rent if you don’t have your own. Even if you don’t want to play, the restaurant offers bar seating right against the courts for some fun entertainment while you eat. Another fun aspect about pickleball are the leagues you can play in. Kids leagues, couples leagues, and even professional leagues. One Paschal senior, Avery Carrie, has been playing pickleball for the past year and a half. She said Court side Kitchen “has a hip ambiance and [is] a fun way to hang out with friends and get exercise. Court side is the place for me because they have yummy food and hot waiters;)”

Pickleball is a perfect workout that allows you to do something different than a traditional sport or workout regime. You can play either singles or doubles and does not follow tennis’s typical scoring. Pickleball is usually played first to eleven points and is scored a lot like ping pong. Learning a new sport and having something fun to do makes the workout of it so much more enjoyable that you don’t even realize.