Howdy Week Recap


Paschal Stuco

Paschal’s Varsity Cheerleader’s and Football team gather for a photo under the Howdy balloons following the Pep Rally.

Claire Hollis, Reporter

Every year, Paschal has carried the tradition of Howdy week, usually taking place the first or the second week of school. Howdy is a fun and unique way for students to get excited to start school again. The students have the opportunity to come together and decide a theme. This year’s theme was Decades, and each day was dedicated to a specific time period. 

To start out the week, Monday was 50’s day, “Rock Around the Clock”. For the 50’s day, a few examples of outfits students came up with were Poodle skirts, leather pants or leather jackets, Jeans with plain white t-shirts etc.

The Next day, Tuesday, was the 80’s. “Purple reign” Students wore neon, leg warmers, fun patterns and so much more. 80’s day was definitely a fan favorite. 

On Wednesday, Senior Polyester! (Seniors Only) Senior Polyester is another tradition for seniors to dress up in their best 70’s costume, and at the end of the night was SKATE where all the seniors could wear their costumes and meet at RollerLand West. 

Thursday was “Smells like teen spirit”, dress for the 90’s. Some fun outfits students pulled together were punk rock, jeans, gel and many other fun ideas. 

And finally Friday was the 2000’s: Some creative outfits were mean girls, hannah montana and other throwback movies from our own childhoods. AND we got to end the school week with the Howdy Pep Rally in the Gus!

To end the fun-filled week on Saturday from 7-11 in the New Cafeteria was the Howdy Dance. The dance was 80’s themed and everyone came dressed to the occasion in their neon 80’s fits. The dance was a huge success with a total of 419 students who attended coming around to about 50 less students than last year.