Our Texas Roadhouse Experience

Our Texas Roadhouse Experience

Texas Roadhouse has a wonderful Saturday night atmosphere for dinner with friends. It is a place with jaw dropping rolls and delectable steaks at the right price. My friends and I planned to participate in the “Tik Tok Texas Roadhouse Roll Challenge” on Saturday. Sadly, due to our friends Mark and Luke getting their car towed at an Apartment complex near AT&T Stadium we lost two participants. 

Although our numbers were short, our passion for eating was big.  We still went to the restaurant and ate like kings. Davis Watts, Isaac Stacey, Charlie Scott, Clayton Orlie, and I went to Roadhouse and ate a total of 30 rolls. We each also got a nice steak with our great sides. 

Senior Clayton Orlie said “ I loved the rolls and other great food”. 

The rolls that we ate were 270 calories a piece and we ate a total of 30 of them. In total we ate 8100 calories on rolls alone, and we will do it again. Not only did we eat like kings but the price was not too shabby either. I got a nice 12 oz s

teak for $22 along with a lemonade and loaded cheese fries. The total price was $26.

Senior Isaac Stacey said, “The environment of Texas Roadhouse is unmatched. The steak along with the fantastic rolls topped with cinnamon butter was a great way to spend my Saturday night.” As you can tell, Texas Roadhouse is highly revered amongst my friends and I. I would highly suggest this restaurant to someone that would like good food for the right price in a great atmosphere.