Los Mejores Tacos de Fort Worth


Torchy’s Tacos on Rosedale Street

John Whitten, Enterprise Reporter

Fort Worth’s blend of cultures is one of the things that makes this city so unique. I’m always looking for the best tacos in town and here are some restaurants that come to mind when I need a good taco or some fantastic queso. The list consists of: Salsa Limón, Torchy’s Tacos, Taquería San Luis, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, and R Taco. 

The first restaurant I will be reviewing is Salsa Limón. At around $3-$3.50/ taco (depending on your choice of meat) Salsa Limón’s prices are relatively cheap. They have 8 different meats, including a beef tongue, as well as a veggie option. Personally, I get an asada burrito with their famous jalapeño salsa, 1 of 4 amazing salsa options. Salsa Limón definitely has my approval for one of the most solid taquerías in Fort Worth. So for Salsa Limón I’ll give it a 8.7/10.

Next up: Torchy’s Tacos. 

Located in 11 different states, Torchy’s is a chain restaurant. They have more of a Tex-Mex style, so if you’re looking for authentic tacos this might not be the place for you. With an average of about $4/ taco, Torchy’s is pretty expensive. Especially if you want to try their delicious green chile queso (my personal favorite). I eat these tacos every now and then but it’s definitely not my go-to restaurant for tacos. But based on its price and average quality, I’ll give Torchy’s a 5.2/10. 

Taquería San Luis might just be one of my favorite lunch places in town. The tacos are cheap, authentic, and some of the best. They have a few different locations around town, including a drive-through at the 8th avenue location. Being a family-owned restaurant makes this food even better. A solid taco place, and one of my favorites. Consider the authenticity of San Luis and it being the best “bang for your buck”, it earns a 8.6/10. 

Now for one of the most popular tacos in the city, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is everyone’s go-to taco place. With cheap prices and a good atmosphere, Fuzzy’s is probably one of the most reliable restaurants in Fort Worth. I get tacos, burritos, and even nachos sometimes. Their main location is right on TCU campus so Fuzzy’s is usually packed. In my opinion, Fuzzy’s is up there on the best tacos in town. As it is my go-to taco spot, Fuzzy’s will earn a score 7.93/10 because I wouldn’t put it over San Luis or Salsa Limón. 

Rusty Taco or as it’s better known as, R Taco, is a solid taquería. It has a good price for its decent food. These tacos aren’t amazing, but it is a solid option. Although the location on Bluebonnet Circle closed a few years ago, you can still bite the bullet and drive 10 minutes down the road to the Camp Bowie location. R Taco has a good atmosphere on the weekends but I wouldn’t put it above some of these closer restaurants. Because of the poor location R Taco gets a 6.4/10. If it wasn’t for the far drive, it would be neck and neck with Fuzzy’s. 

In conclusion, the rankings come out to be 

  1. Salsa Limón 
  2. Taquería San Luis
  3. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop 
  4. Rust Taco (R Taco) 
  5. Torchy’s Tacos