Triple Threat

The Paschal Girls Varsity Cross Country Team Wins Three Meets in a Row.


The girls varsity cross country team after their first place win at the Spartan Invitational. From left to right: Eme Barrett, Cate Schuster, Hadley Schrimpf, Anne Schuster, Ella Barrett, Anderson Berger, Brooklyn Mariscal, Lauren Hammer

Ella Barrett, Managing Editor

The Paschal Varsity girls cross country team has won three consecutive meets this season after an unknown number of years since a Paschal cross country victory.

Although coronavirus and its ensuing effects have left many people without sports to participate in or watch, Paschal’s cross country team has not been discouraged and has continued on (almost) as planned.

After the Burleson Elk Invitational, the boys varsity cross country team took a socially distanced picture. From left to right: Christian Hewitt, Cristian Damon, James Barham, Stratton Whitworth, Aiden Revilla, Walter Virden, Michael Parsons, Isaac Stacy

To stay within UIL regulations, the runners had to train on their own this summer but at the end of August, they were able to come together once again. There were several versions of the schedule passed around and, in the end, the final schedule marked the start of the cross country season to be on September 17.

One of the differences in this season is the time between races. Whereas in years past, each race has been half an hour after the previous, now the races are at least an hour apart–if not a day. On September 17, the JV cross country teams competed in the Birdville Invitational. 

Fernando Acosta medalled by placing 8th and the boys team finished in fifth place overall. For the girls, Anna Schwartz (7th) and Marley Kerr (9th) medalled and the girls finished in fourth place overall.

The next day, the Varsity teams competed in the North Crowley Invitational. On the boys side, there were two medalists–James Barham (9th) and Aiden Revilla (10th). The boys finished fifth overall. On the girls side, there were three medalists–Hadley Schrimpf (2nd), Eme Barrett (6th), and Anderson Berger (7th). In the end, the Lady Panthers placed first with a 12 point lead over Arlington Martin.

Beatriz Arroyo, Aimee Ebeling, Anna Werth, and Anna Schwartz after the Spartan Invitational.

“This is my fifth year at Paschal and this year was the first time we have won a meet,” says Coach David Daus, head coach of the cross country team. “The girls’ team has not won the District Championship in the last 10 years. I am counting on seniors Ella Barrett, Rykhr Grissom, and Peyton Gristina to put us in a position to do so.”

The next week both the JV and Varsity teams competed in the Spartan Invitational at Centennial High School–a course infamous for a hill they nicknamed the “Big Green Monster” (you can even buy a shirt claiming victory for running up the hill). Once again, the Varsity girls team won the meet with five runners in the top ten–Hadley Schrimpf (2nd), Eme Barrett (3rd), Anderson Berger (7th), Anne Schuster (8th), Ella Barrett (9th).

The boys had one medalist–Aiden Revilla (5th). JV also had Beatriz Arroyo, Anna Werth, Jackson Scheer, and Fernando Acosta medal in their respective races.

“I think we’ve done really well this season,” said senior and captain Ella Barrett in an interview with Texas Milesplit. “I’m really proud of us.”

The JV boys team posing for a picture after Jackson Scheer and Fernando Acosta medalled in the Spartan Invitational.

October 2 proved yet another victory for the girls varsity team with four medalists (Schrimpf (1st), Barrett (4th), Schuster (6th), Berger (9th)) at the Burleson Elk Invitational. After going an unknown number of years since a Paschal cross country victory, these ladies made history with three consecutive first place finishes.

“I am just so glad that I get to contribute to the team and help our team succeed,” says Hadley Schrimpf, freshman and top runner on the team. “I hope that our team keeps up our hard work; it would be an extra bonus if we made it to region or state!”

“The girls work so hard at practice, and they might not be able to see it behind the mask, but I always have the biggest smile on standing at the finish line and seeing them get their personal best times,” laughs Coach Megan Leatherwood. “They’ve been doing such an incredible job and they are fully deserving of that first place!!! We’re super proud!”

“I think it’s a great start to our season with 3 first place finishes and it’s a great sign for our young and talented girls team,” says Daus. “I am counting on our runners to embrace the team aspect of cross country and achieve their individual and team goals.”

The varsity teams compete again on Friday, October 9, in the Cowtown Classic with the hopes for the girls to secure another first place win. In the wise words of Coach Daus… “Train hard, race easy…word!!”

The girls varsity cross country team after their third win of the season at the Burleson Elk Invitational. From left to right: Peyton Gristina, Hadley Schrimpf, Anderson Berger, Ella Barrett, Eme Barrett, Cate Schuster, Anne Schuster
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