FWISD Extends Spring Break by Two Weeks



FWISD extiende las vacaciones de primavera por dos semanas como resultado de las precauciones de COVID-19.

Lily Fields

In wake of several confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tarrant County, FWISD announced that spring break will be extended for two weeks. All school sport sanctioned events during this time have been cancelled or postponed.

Surrounding school districts have also made the decision to extend spring breaks in what the district is calling a “national health crisis”. TCU, and other Texas colleges have also extended spring breaks and switched to online classes for the rest of the semester.

Students celebrate the extended break and wonder how else they will be affected by COVID-19 precautions.

“I think the extension of spring break is great for students’ mental health, because school can be stressful! But graduation may be pushed back for two weeks. [FWISD has not released a statement on how the time missed will be addressed] The classwork may be put on itslearning for students but not everyone will get the memo, not everyone has Wi-Fi at home,” said Senior Mary Catherine Parks.

Fellow Senior Kaylea Hudson also had similar concerns, “How will this impact graduation? I am a senior and concerned about how this will put us behind in schoolwork. Will our school year get lengthened, equating to summer plans being moved such as college orientation sessions? I think that an online alternative may have been better to lessen impact of missing school. Why two weeks off the bat? Why not one week at a time. There’s lots of things to consider as I know some students don’t have internet at home. Very interesting and crazy.”

“Because school is cancelled for another two weeks due to coronavirus we’re gonna lose so many hours to learn in AP classes. I’ve seen on the internet that if the district closes for more than eleven days then the College Board will cancel testing. As much as I hate AP exams, I’ve worked way too hard to just not take the test. It’s really stressful to think about without an official statement from the college board and a lot of rumors.” Sophomore Athalia Hite said.

Interactive exhibit closed in DC, to prevent the spread of germs and COVID-19.

Over break students travelled to areas of the country that had already been hit with COVID-19 conditions and hysteria.

Senior Lauren Hecker travelled to Washington D.C. “Free museums are a big attraction for coming to DC, but because of the Corona outbreak there are some exhibits that have been shutdown. It’s a shame but at least the lines are short,” said Lauren.

In Seattle, Senior Claire Andrus stated, “ we didn’t even get out of the car, we just drove around UW (University of Washington) and Downtown.” When asked about how the city had reacted to the pandemic she responded, “It looked like people were at home instead of work and school, because the neighborhood streets were lined with cars. I could tell something was off.”

FWISD has more information on how students and families should stay safe during the two week containment period, along with CDC and local government sites. The Pantherette will continue to give updates during this time on how to endure the quarantine and report any essential information.


Editor’s Note: Please wash your hands!

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