Mia and Emma’s Thoughts on the Spiderman Far From Home Trailer *ENDGAME SPOILERS*

Emma Henry and Mia Abbe

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  1. I like how Tom Holland is giving a spoiler warning, even though he’s spoiled so much.
  2. Here come the waterworks.  I think it’s too soon to remind us about Endgame and Tony Stark’s death
  4. Is anybody else getting death of Superman vibes?  Also why isn’t there this kind of representation for Natasha?
  5. The world doesn’t need a new Iron Man.  You can’t replace him!!!!!!
  6. Spiderman talking back to the cops is something I didn’t know I needed in my life, but definitely do.
  7. Did Aunt May never teach this boy to respect his elders? C’mon.
  8. Spider man just sent Nick Fury to voicemail hahahaha
  9. It’s never nice to ghost anyone, much less the director of SHIELD.  Maybe if Tony was still alive he could tell Peter that. OOOOOOOOO
  10. Yikessss @mia
  11. Zendaya!!!!!
  12. Ned!!!
  13. “Reminds me of when I first fell in love” WHEN NED, WHEN DID YOU FALL IN LOVE?
  14. Did Nick Fury just attack my poor baby Ned?
  15. I don’t know who I’m more attracted to, Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal in a cape, or my actual boyfriend.
  16. Jake Gyllenhaal is a catch, 100%
  17. Okay so there are different universes now?  Is there where “Into the Spiderverse” comes in?  Can I be expecting Peter Porker played by John Mulaney to make an appearance?
  18. Did Maria Hill dye her hair?  
  19. Spiderman stealth suittttt
  20. Nick Fury saying “Bitch, please” added 10 years to my life.
  21. At this point if you haven’t been to space in the MCU you’re not a superhero.
  22. Peter and MJ!!!
  23. Peter’s a terrible liar.
  26. Honestly though, the world needs a new Iron Man and a new Captain America.  Let’s not forget about the star spangled man with a plan, now people.
  27. And America’s Ass
  29. Step Up: MCU
  30. Did that lava monster just destroy all of Venice?  Mamma mia!
  31. I didn’t know how much I missed that spiderman music
  32. Same Flash.  Same.
  33. So is Jake Gyllenhaal good or bad?? I’m still confused
  34. COUNTING DOWN TILL JULY 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mia and Emma’s Thoughts on the Spiderman Far From Home Trailer *ENDGAME SPOILERS*