Cheer Tryouts are Right Around the Corner!

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Cheer Tryouts are Right Around the Corner!

Elle Pettitt, Enterprise Reporter

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Want to be a Paschal cheerleader? Cheer tryouts for next year’s team are set for Friday, April 6th.  However, there is a lot of activity leading up to the big tryout day.

First of all, the informational parent meeting regarding tryouts will be held Tuesday, March 5th here at Paschal. Then an optional clinic will be held to teach prospective cheerleaders a cheer, chant, and dance. This audition material will be taught by current senior cheerleaders.

The tryout clinic is held here at Paschal after school on March 26th, 27th, and 29th from 4:30-6:30. During the clinic on Friday, a mock tryout will be held to run through exactly what will happen on the day of tryouts. Candidates will also receive their tryout number which will be randomly generated and will be the order that they try out in and later look on the website for the number to see if they made it. Candidates trying out will have a week in between the clinic and actual date of tryouts to practice the material on their own and prepare for their audition.  

After learning the tryout material, cheerleader candidates have the option to attend a critique session of the material that they learned at The Cheer Connection located at 6597 Corporation Pkwy.  This will take place every day after the clinic from 7:30-8:30.

On the day of tryouts, candidates will have to spirit in, do any combination of three jumps of their choosing, tumbling if the athlete is capable (this will increase your score), perform the chant, cheer, and dance in front of the judges, and spirit off. The results will be posted the same day listed by the candidate’s tryout number. If the candidate’s number is on the list, they made the team!

What teams can student athletes try out for? For incoming freshmen, candidates may only try out for the freshman squad. For incoming sophomores, athletes are only able to try out for the Junior Varsity team. For incoming Juniors, the candidates have the option of trying out for Varsity or JV.

Candidates may write down that they are trying out for both teams if they are a junior so if the candidate doesn’t make Varsity, he/she could potentially still make it on the JV squad. However, students trying out also have the option to only put Varsity on their tryout packet which means if the candidate doesn’t make varsity, they do not have the chance to be on JV. For incoming seniors, athletes may only try out for the varsity squad.

How much does it cost to cheer on the panthers? Although it doesn’t cost anything to try out, once an athlete makes a team there are some fees. Throughout the year, the total due per person is about $1305 for athletes on JV and Freshman teams.

For Varsity, it is about $1715 per athlete over the time span of the year. This pays for the cost of cheer camp, uniforms, camp clothes, poms, shoes, etc. It is not all one payment, but it is paid in chunks throughout the year.

What is the level of commitment for cheer? Athletes must attend all practices, games, pep rallies, sign making, and send offs in order to remain on the team. The majority of practices and games are mandatory, so if a cheerleader misses for any reason they will receive demerits. Athletes may also receive demerits for forgetting poms, having the wrong

clothes on, or forgetting their bow. Once a cheerleaders receives 10 demerits they go on probation, and 15-20 depending on the circumstance, can result in removal from the team.  

Good luck to everyone trying out!