Team Bonding over The Bachelor?


Chloe Sands and Madi Debenport

Paschal Varsity girls soccer has upheld a tradition of having a team dinner before each home game during district for years. This is an important part of building team spirit and bonding as a unit. The head coach, Michelle Housden has strived to enforce the idea of a team with the motto of the program, “We Are One”.

This year the varsity team has started a new tradition. Home games are always on Tuesday nights, so team dinners are on Monday nights which also happens to be the time the hit drama-filled reality show, The Bachelor, airs weekly. It’s a dating show where 30 women compete for the Bachelor, Colton Underwood’s heart. Each week a few girls are sent home heartbroken while the others striving are to accept the final rose along with Colton’s proposal. The soccer girls get extremely into this, anxiously, non-stop watching the whole two hour show while also carb loading to prepare for the big upcoming game the following night.

Just by watching The Bachelor once a week as a team, the girls have bonded to incredible lengths. It is shown on and off the field as a cohesive unit. Defensive midfielder, junior Emory Watts adds, “It helps our entire team bond over something to look forward to each week. We argue about who we think will go home and scream when someone we want gets the rose. It’s so fun and this year we have bonded more than we ever have.” Head coach, Michelle Housden, says, “Just like The Bachelor, team dinners are all about making “connections” and bonding with teammates!”.

The girls are sure this tradition will continue due to how much the whole team enjoys sitting down with a big bowl of pasta while passionately screaming at the TV when something goes unbelievably right or wrong.