The Early Bird Gets A Workout

Early Morning Practices


Varsity Girls Soccer Practice

Ella Barrett, News Reporter

The sky is still dark, tinged with pink or orange in the far East. The moon and stars are still out. It’s six in the morning. Most students are still in bed, fast asleep despite the morning arriving. Other students are not asleep. They are out on the soccer field, on the track, in the gym. The athletes are up and running. Literally.

The cross country season started June 4th, and every weekday until the beginning of September there was morning practice that started at 6:15am. Later, the practices were moved to the afternoon.

Freshman volleyball had practice at 6 every morning for their entire season while the JV and Varsity teams practiced after school.

Soccer, the latest of the school sports to start, has practice at 6:30am. However, although practice starts at 6:30, Coach Michelle Housden holds the expectation that “on time is late” so the team is expected to arrive around 6:15am.

In late November, the temperatures range anywhere from 79°F all the way to 30°F according to At 6:15 in the morning, however, the temperature is in the thirties and forties. On the first day of soccer tryouts, November 26, the temperature was 30°F at 5:53 am to 6:53 am but wasn’t above freezing until 8:53 am, according to

According to the same site, the next two days were above freezing at all times. On December 4th, it was 28°F for the first hour of practice but was below freezing until about 9 am.

Ten of the 25 players on varsity and three of the 23 players on JV are on the same outside of school club soccer team. That team had games on Monday, November 26 and Wednesday, November 28 both started at 8pm. Those girls only got home at 10:30pm just to wake up at 5:45 the next morning for in-school practice.

The girls soccer team captain, Miriam Zarate said, “Morning practices are a struggle to wake up to, but it wakes me up and gives me energy throughout my classes.”

The top girls cross country runner, Rykhr Grissom, agrees, saying, “It’s nice to start the day.”

Zarate says that she goes to bed at midnight but wakes up as early as 5 so that she can eat before practice. “I am a night owl,” Zarate says. “Practices don’t influence how late I stay up, I have enough time to get ready for bed but I am so used to sleeping late it’s turned into my routine.”

Grissom, when asked if it’s hard to wake up, said, “No, you get used to it after a while. Knowing that the hard work would pay off [made it worthwhile].”

While soccer temperatures are freezing, much of the cross country season was spent in boiling temperatures. “It was hot but was good for training for weather on the meet days,” said Grissom. “It was bearable except for when it was pouring rain.”

Soccer is considered the ‘early sport’, but cross country started at 6:15 am every day and on meet days, the bus left at 5 o’clock sharp. “I woke up at 4:15am, I had to go to bed much earlier and wake up faster to get to school,” Grissom says.

There are many different motivations for many different people, and Grissom says that her’s is the end result. Zarate has a different outlook.

“My team, they motivate me to get up everyday because of the environment we’ve created and the bond we have with each other.”


Girls Soccer Teams

Varsity                           Junior Varsity                        Junior Varsity 2

Claire Addington        Maya Alvear                            Alison Bailey

Ella Barrett                  Maria Becerra                        Kennedy Ball

Josephine Steed         Brenna Bowen                        Tiger Lily Mayes

Naydelin Serrano       Madison Darner                    Calista Torres

Kennedy Walton         Madison Dryden                   Victoria Mendoza

Avery Black                  Maria Gober                           Yessenia Cruz

Grace Chapa                Jessica Gomez                        Jiselle Elizondo

Emory Watts               Ana Henry                               Lauren Quintero

Mildred Cruz               Jade Hudson                          Caro Hagwood

Chloe Sands                 Isabella Killian                      Marianna Mendez

Madi Debenport         Julisa Luciano                        Callie Hazard

Damaris Deschaine   Emma Wilson                         Ximena Hernandez

Lauren Hammer         Chloe O’Patry                         Liliana Jones

Arianna Hernandez    Alexis Ortiz                             Emily Krotz

Sophie Hinkle             Janessa Quintero                   Brenda Mares

Lily Hollis                    Mollie Reagin                          Litzy Moreno-Soto

Annabelle Hulen        Jennifer Sanchez Vazquez    Wendy Paiva

Grace Jordan              Anna Sao                                  Lara Perez

Avery Leonard           Emily Urban                             Alma Pozos

Elizabeth Lopez         Brecklyn Walton                     Jasmine Reyes

Eleanor Mock             Garren Walton                        Whitney Spradlin

Audrey Patty               Anna Whitworth                    Maleni Villarreal

Miriam Zarate                                                               Allison White McGown

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