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The Student News Site of Paschal High School


The Student News Site of Paschal High School


The Student News Site of Paschal High School


Pics or Didn’t Happen

USA Mens Soccer Team for the 2022 Fifa World Cup.

The Growing Popularity of Soccer in the U.S.

John-Luke Chidgey, Reporter September 19, 2022

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. With 4 Billion fans and 250 million pro players, soccer takes the cake for the world's favorite pastime. But is Soccer in the U.S. growing in popularity like...

Paschals Varsity Cheerleaders and Football team  gather for a photo under the Howdy balloons following the Pep Rally.

Howdy Week Recap

Claire Hollis, Reporter September 9, 2022

Every year, Paschal has carried the tradition of Howdy week, usually taking place the first or the second week of school. Howdy is a fun and unique way for students to get excited to start school again....

What’s with the White Sneakers?

What’s with the White Sneakers?

Ivy Holloway, Reporter August 24, 2022

   This year, fashion has been all over the place. With baggy denim in and chunky highlights out, it can be hard to navigate the ever changing landscape that is the fashion industry. But, there’s one...

A table set up with various Spa Water set up.

Spa Water: a TikTok Controversy

Keely Garcia, Editor August 24, 2022

The recent TikTok trend of "spa water' has quickly become an internet controversy among the Latinx community. "Spa water" a trend initiated by TikTok influencer Gracie Norton is a mixture of fruit,...

collage of clothing reminiscent of the 2000s era and popular brands

Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping!

Lauren Brown, Editor July 28, 2022

Women’s fashion took a more feminine turn as more women began wearing more revealing clothing. Men’s fashion of the 2000’s resembled fashion of the 1980’s. Men incorporated athletic attire into...

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