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The Student News Site of Paschal High School


The Student News Site of Paschal High School


The Student News Site of Paschal High School



Fantasy Football: First Round, Mock Draft

Isaac Stacey and Connor Hadley September 15, 2021

           Football season is right around the corner, and many fantasy football fans are preparing to draft their teams. Our experts at The Pantherette have put together a first round mock draft...

Half-Life: Has The Classic Aged Well?

Half-Life: Has The Classic Aged Well?

Sean Miller, Reviewer September 8, 2021

Half-Life is considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time, changing how first-person shooters should be made by implementing stories, advancing AI in games, and is considered by many in...

Torchy's Tacos on Rosedale Street

Los Mejores Tacos de Fort Worth

John Whitten, Enterprise Reporter June 1, 2021

Fort Worth’s blend of cultures is one of the things that makes this city so unique. I’m always looking for the best tacos in town and here are some restaurants that come to mind when I need a good...

The Unsaid Rules of Paschal

The Unsaid Rules of Paschal

Ella Barrett, Managing Editor June 1, 2021

These are the Unsaid Rules of Paschal. For the freshmen and sophomores, the start to high school has been a soft-opening without a lot of the usual hubbub taking place. The sophomores had their freshman...

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Guided Virtual Tour.

Spring Semester Stress

Ella Barrett, Managing Editor February 25, 2021
In first place is the A&M Walking Tour. This tour was amazing. I was able to see the campus how it would be if I were to attend the university and got a good idea of how people interact with each other.
The United States Women's National Soccer Team after winning the World Cup.

What Can a Girl Do to Get Some Equal Pay Around Here?

Ella Barrett, Managing Editor December 16, 2020
We reached out to Coach Brittany Rose, the girls junior varsity soccer coach, and Damaris Deschaine, the girls varsity captain, to get their reactions. "Equal conditions should be the standard practice and non-disputable."
Vote! Vote! Vote!

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Ella Barrett, Managing Editor November 3, 2020

Today, November 3, 2020, is Election Day.  This is the 59th presidential election in the history of our country and it is a race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It also happens to be the 100 year...

Photo from Hyperbowling

Please Don't Tell Me to "Get Over It"

Emma Henry, Copy Editor May 4, 2020

The biggest impact this pandemic has had on me is that it has canceled the end of my senior year. Compared to everything else going on in the world, that’s nothing. I know how lucky I am to only be affected...

An image from the Vaporized campaign that was used to advertise juuls on Instagram and Time Square

Does Juul Market to Teens?

Ella Barrett, Investigative Editor January 8, 2020

Juul, the company responsible for creating a “safer alternative” to smoking, has come under scrutiny as of late because many people, including the American Heart Association and parents across the...

Frozen 2:  Is It Time for Disney to "Let it Go?" (I'm genuinely sorry)

Frozen 2: Is It Time for Disney to "Let it Go?" (I'm genuinely sorry)

Mia Abbe, News Editor January 7, 2020

Over Thanksgiving Break, I (and most of the children of Fort Worth) went to see Frozen 2.  If you want to see the movie, but are wondering if it is worth spending your hard earned dollars, read this article. I...

My outrageous amount of Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches, fit into several bags, totaling at $24.

The Perilous Plight of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Gabby Martin, Opinion Editor November 12, 2019

National fast-food chain Popeyes re-released their iconic chicken sandwich last Sunday and it’s to die for - literally (in case you missed, a Maryland man was fatally stabbed after cutting the line to...

Forever 21 entrance at the Hulen mall, still open and operating after bankruptcy filing.

How Long is Forever?

Lily Fields October 23, 2019

On Monday the 30th of September, the company Forever 21 announced it had begun filing voluntary chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is nicknamed the “reorganization bankruptcy,”...

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