Rock’n Around the Starbucks Drive Thru



Starbucks loves bringing in the holiday spirit often starting off the season with their many festive cups!

Caroline Gutierrez, Reporter

As a high school girl, I love to get a little Starbucks drink, and I felt the need to share my thoughts on the seasonal drinks that many people rush to get.


1 – caramel brûlée latte: 4/10. Honestly, from the first sip I knew that listening to my friend’s recommendation had been the worst decision of my day. Besides the fact that the silly little domed lid was topping it, it just tasted way too sweet. To be fair, I probably should have expected it, but that still doesn’t mean I want to feel my teeth rotting away as I drink.


2 – peppermint mocha. 9/10. CLASSIC. Everyone loves this one. And did you know that you can order it year round? The peppermint and the chocolate combination is always a favorite. However, I don’t like how you have to perfectly time drinking a hot drink before it gets cool, so I removed a point for that.


3 – Irish cream cold brew. 6/10. This one is not good to me, but I can see how one would like it. I do like the cold brew taste, so I enjoy that, but the Irish cream is just not for me. It’s still a rich flavor, and I would recommend it to those who might like the Irish cream taste. 


4 – sugar cookie almond milk latte. 7/10. While only “okay” to me, I still think this is a more bearable taste than some of the other ones. It disappoints in the “sugar cookie” aspect, not really tasting like a sugar cookie, but overall it’s another sweet coffee that’s not too sweet which I think most high schoolers would probably enjoy.


5 – toasted white chocolate mocha. 9/10. I don’t even like the white chocolate mocha that much, but I know many do, and it’s honestly fun to order around this time of year when they put the little sprinkles on it. It’s fun and a classic!


6 – chestnut praline latte. 10/10. (For me.) It’s perfect! It’s a bit nutty, so if you don’t enjoy that, don’t buy it. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and has a great flavor. I adore this flavor and would buy it on a daily basis. I’ll be sad to see it go.


All in all, it’s festive and fun to try new holiday drinks, and potentially discover a new favorite!