Pandemic: Different for Everyone


Morgan Bangert and Lia Bloom

It has been almost a year since Panthers left for Spring Break and entered the world of a pandemic. The country has had to adjust to lockdowns, masks, and a lot of isolation. Students across the country have worked from home more hours than in a traditional classroom and parties, pep rallies, and school dances have been nonexistent for many schools.

As Paschal looks ahead to days without masks and social distancing and the vaccine begins to return us to a more “normal” schedule, we wanted to know how the pandemic has impacted the lives of our classmates. In a recent survey conducted by the Pantherette in various history classes, students were given a chance to answer a few questions about their “Pandemic Lives.”

Cecilia Carrillo, junior, said, “COVID-19 and this pandemic gave me so much time to think. I feel like because of the extended break students were given, I was able to give myself some needed thought since I never had time before.”

Carrillo continued, “I had enough time to exercise and explore hobbies. Before this pandemic I had no idea what I wanted for the future, but now I have a pretty good idea. The excitement I get from seeing a possible future after COVID is what is helping me get through it.” This sentiment was repeated several times from the many responses received from students at Paschal High School. 

Many responses centered around family and the fact that many families have become closer while friends have become more valued. Senior Lara Perez says, “Getting a lot closer to and bonding with my younger sister really helped me mentally deal with everything that happened during the pandemic.” 

So many aspects of life have changed throughout the pandemic and people are now adjusting to this new reality. Some are adjusting to this new life using work as an escape. Adrianna Amaya, junior, says, “My family and my job have enabled me to separate my life. If I didn’t have my job I would be on a continuous cycle of just school in my bedroom and not be able to dissociate from school.” 

Students at Paschal and around the world are adapting to this new way of life in many different ways. It is a new experience for everyone, and getting through a pandemic is not easy. 

“Life won’t be the same, but I’ve definitely grown into a better person throughout the pandemic,” says junior Harper Wiley.

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