Paschal Politicos Host Debate Watch Parties


John Whitten, Enterprise Reporter

Members of Junior Statesmen of America, Young Republicans, and Young Democrats watched and commented on the first presidential debate on September 29 via Google Meet. Mr. Schnitzius and Ms. Buckner led the discussions throughout the night, along with fact-checking both candidates. However, the commentary from the students is what enriched the debate viewing experience according to participants.

President of the Young Democrats Claire Brennan said, “Well it was an eventful debate to say the least, with both candidates seemingly unable to articulate their platforms eloquently enough due to a lack of effective moderation and a lot of digression. But the Zoom was a great place to discuss the points made in real time with both members of similar and opposing ideology.” Brennan also mentioned Kelley Briggs, Christian Hewitt, Maya Perez, Haedan Campbell, and Mauricio Alvarez-Quepons as significant contributors to the commentary of the debate. 

On October 7th another watch party was held for the vice presidential debate between Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Kamala Harris. With varying perspectives from teachers and students, discussions were lively yet peaceful. 

Watch parties are planned for the upcoming presidential debates on October 15 and 22nd. However, a CNN article published October 8 mentions, “I am not going to do a virtual debate,” Trump said on Fox Business. “I am not going to waste my time on a virtual debate.” The Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the next presidential debate will be held virtually in the wake of President Trump’s positive COVID-19 test. 

Watch parties will be held if there are future debates. To join the debate watch parties, use code: phsdebate on Google Meet.  займы на карту solva займзайм у петровичаакция займ без процентов manimo займзайм 100000 рублейчастный займ в уфе