Paschal's Virtual Health Clinic


The home page for Paschal’s Virtual Health Clinic.

Brisayd Muniz, Enterprise Reporter

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread, and increasingly people are looking for more information as to how they can keep safe from this globally widespread virus. 

Paschal’s very own nurse, Laura Hartgraves, has since created the website listed below, which is available to all Paschal students, detailing information over the virus. 

How is the COVID-19 virus transmitted? What can I do to prevent contracting and spreading it? What are the updates in my area? Hartgraves addresses these questions on the website for students and their families to view. She also includes other resources and information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also known as the CDC. 

 “Although students are at home and receiving their education online, they still have health needs. Part of my job as a school nurse is health education. The online health clinic provides me a platform to get health information about coronavirus (COVID-19) to the students.” Ms. Hartgraves said. 

The virtual health clinic also provides sources to address the mental health of students, such as hotlines they can call if they’re experiencing anxiety, stress, or emotional challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ms. Hartgraves gives an urgent message to Paschal students and families: “I MISS YOU! Please be SMART! Please PAY ATTENTION! If you cough or sneeze, please COVER it. Please WASH your HANDS. I mean, really wash your hands.” 

She also includes the necessary steps to properly wash your hands, which is highly encouraged by several health organizations such as the World Health Organization and the CDC, in order to help fight against the transmission of the virus:

  1. Turn on water.
  2. Put water on your hands.
  3. Add soap.
  4. Rub your hands together until you see a lather (lots of white soapy bubbles).
  5. Scrub your fingernails on the opposite palm in a circular motion like your scratching the palm because it’s itchy.
  6. Rinse the soap off your hands, keeping your fingers pointed south towards the sink drain.
  7. Dry your hands (leave the water running).
  8. Use the towel you dried your hands with to turn off the water.
  9. If it’s a paper towel, throw it away.  DO NOT throw away your parent’s hand towel. займ на карту займ на qiwiонлайн займ на карту маэстрозайм ваши деньги займ экспресс личный кабинетзайм спбзайм на карту с 18 лет