Four Day School Week-Almost a Reality


Pantherette News Staff

A Four-day school week is the thing FWISD students can only DREAM of…or is it?  A quick perusal of the calendar confirms that from January 20 to April 20 we have a 4-day school week every other week, other than the week prior to Spring Break.

Intrigued?  Let’s break it down:

 January 20 is MLK day….4-day school week

 February 3 is a Waiver day… 4-day school week

 February 17 is a Snow Day/Presidents day… 4-day school week

 March 7-15- Week off and breaks a two-week run of 5-day school week.

 March 23- Caesar Chavez …4-day School week.

 April 10- Good Friday… 4-day School Week

 April 13- Easter Monday…4-day School Week

 From April 20 – May 22… we actually have 5 weeks of 5-day school …Yikes!!!! (Prom is May 23)

 May 25 Memorial Day …3-day school week…. Seniors last week of school and will  attend Six Flags on Wednesday, May 27th.