Boys VS Girls Soccer Tryouts


Chloe Sands, Sports Editor

Winter is rolling in and we all know what that means… the start of soccer season. The temperature is dropping and tensions are rising as district games get closer and closer. Although both boys and girls district seasons start at the same time, something is considerably different regarding tryouts between the two. 

Throughout the FWISD district, soccer tryouts are only supposed to be held after Thanksgiving break so you technically don’t find out your team until that week. It is meant to restrict the amount of practice advantages throughout teams so everyone is on the same playing field. 

However, here at Paschal the boys soccer team knows their teams and where they are placed from the first week of school. They are separated by Varsity, JV purple and JV white. Each team practices during a different period so they get to be together every single day with their team during the soccer class period. After Thanksgiving break they then start after school practice so they are then practicing twice a day giving them an even bigger advantage. 

Girls on the other hand practice all together (Varsity, JV and JV2) in the soccer class period up until the week after Thanksgiving break. Monday through wednesday, tryouts were held so that the coaches could place girls where they need to be, and give girls not in the period a chance to tryout. On that friday the teams are announced and then they can begin practicing with their team. 

This difference in tryouts has always gone on and continuously gives the boys an advantage over the other district teams (which is actually a good thing for us). Girls on the other hand have to wake up to practice at 7am every morning to be able to keep their standards up and aim for another round in the playoffs this year.

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