Finding the best place to study around Paschal


Coffee from Craftwork located on Magnolia.

Callie Nettle

First semester is over, and now the second begins. As a Junior, I am taking more AP classes than ever before and the workload is swallowing me whole. To get away from the temptation of procrastination, I venture out of my comfy environment to a place not as familiar to get my work done. This weekend I went to some of the closest coffee places near Paschal to see if I could find the motivation to study in them.





 Located on Magnolia, Avoca is a very chill coffee shop, a really nice place to zone in on studying. There is always a place to sit as well, I have never been to Avoca and not been able to sit down at a table. The people there are a mix of students and working adults. Avoca is, in my opinion, a great coffee shop to study at. 



  Craftwork is also located on Magnolia, the look of it is very pleasing to the eye. However, to me it is more of a social place rather than a studying place. They recently added on to the space inside so the store is divided into a social area and a study area.




    Einsteins is not usually seen as a conventional coffee shop, but I find the one on University can be a good place to study and there are always seats, plus you can have one of their bagels!





   Dwell to me is a great mix of both a social and studying place.  Although there is plenty of space, dwell can be packed and it can be impossible to find a seat but every once in a while there is a table to sit at. It is normally full of TCU kids but no doubt you’ll see a friendly face in there once in a while. 




   The new Ampersand just opened on University and is buzzing with people and has a great atmosphere.  I’m not sure if it’s best place for studying, unless you have some really great headphones. It can be quite hard to find a seat and it is somewhat claustrophobic and loud when you do. The West 7th location may be a better option.



   My favorite Starbucks in the area is located on Hulen, and although it is a huge chain, I get the most local feeling in there. There are people of all ages inside just minding their business and doing their own thing. This friendly atmosphere is why the Hulen Starbucks is my top pick to get a coffee and study this semester. займы на карту срочный займ на банковский счетзайм на кошелек кивизайм на карту с 20 лет займ экспресс онлайнкак получить займзайм contact