Paschal Students Can Study Abroad with CIEE

Paschal Students Can Study Abroad with CIEE

Penelope Rivera, Enterprise Reporter

Traveling is something many of us want to do at some point in our lives, usually when we’re younger. However, we always have the factors of money, school studies, or work stopping us. What if there was a program that let us study or work abroad in a different country AND helped with the financial aspect of it as well? With the program CIEE, you can do this and make the world your classroom.

The Council on International Educational Exchange, or CIEE, began in 1947 and is a non-profit organization that helps promote international education and exchange. There are multiple programs for each category: Study abroad, work exchange, and professional development. There are 45 different countries to travel to, from Africa to the Caribbean to Latin America. It is about 3-4 weeks of hands-on learning, group journeys, and other fun activities/exploring of your choice. CIEE helps you experience and embrace a new culture, new language. Being able to travel to an entirely different country and culture helps you learn skills for the real world, to be able to “work in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.” You get a first-hand experience on how the world is truly a melting pot.

CIEE also offers over $13 million in scholarships and offers to more than 1200 high schools nationwide. Students can qualify for either “Merit Only” scholarships, or “Merit and Financial Need” scholarships. You can get 10% off up to the full trip paid from aid they provide. The only costs you are responsible for are the plane tickets. When it comes to CIEE, money is never an issue to prevent the opportunity to join.

For more information on the program, you can ask Mrs. Marchi is room 202 or visit