Moonwalk Week Lands at PHS


Meg Benkel

Vintage flag of the Pascal moon landing, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Alan Bean’s moon landing. Meg Benkel, PTA mom, redesigned the vintage flag for the Moonwalk week celebration.

Lily Fields


Envision yourself well into adulthood, coming back to Paschal for a high school reunion. Could you say you walked on the moon? The chances are that you cannot, but one Paschal graduate can: Alan Bean. 

Alan Bean was the lunar module pilot aboard the Apollo 12 mission that took place in November of 1969- the second moon landing. He carried Paschal all the way with him, taking the school flag on the entire mission to the moon. The flag now rests in the principal’s office.

In order to honor this celebrated alumni, Paschal has planned the first event of its kind, Moonwalker Week. The week’s goal is to celebrate the accomplishments of Alan Bean and celebrate Paschal as one of twelve high schools to have their very own astronaut. 

The week will begin on Monday with a special display in the atrium, showcasing photos from Apollo missions, and a spacesuit, all provided on loan from NASA. 

Tuesday will give students a chance to learn about the history of the Apollo mission, with guest speakers Amy Bean,  and Fort Worth Museum of Science and History collaborators, Dr. Morgan Rehnberg, and Doug Roberts. Amy Bean is the daughter of Alan Bean, and will be presenting “Moonwalker’s Daughter.” The event will take place in the Todd Theater during second to eighth periods and students will be able to sign up through a link on Focus through Friday, November 1. The other presentations will be available during science classes.

To emulate Alan Bean’s later accomplishments in art after his space career, students will be able to draw moonscapes and create their very own astronaut patches in the foyer/atrium area on Wednesday.

Dr. Robert Scheer, Paschal’s resident space fanatic and physics teacher, will speak on the future of the space program in the library second through eighth periods, on Thursday. During the day the orchestra will also be playing space music in the atrium, to set the space scene. 

The week will conclude on Friday with a planetarium installation in the gym. The event will be limited to the first 20 students that sign up for each period, through the link on Focus. 

The coordinator of the event, Paschal Publications adviser Terry Buckner, said, “the inspiration for Moonwalk Week came partially from discussions with the Panther yearbook editors.” Buckner continued, “We wanted to honor the 50th anniversary of Alan Bean’s moonwalk and one thing led to another.  Principal Troy Langston suggested a celebration of some kind, so Moonwalk Week was born!”

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