Mother Nature Hits Hardest at Hoco


Lily Fields

Homecoming King and Queen are crowned at the varsity volleyball game.

Collette Steed and Lily Fields

Although last night’s Homecoming game was between Paschal and Trimble Tech, Mother Nature was the real winner. The game started out with pink clouds, a blue sky, and a breeze- perfect weather for a football game. 


A quarter later, lightning forked across that blue sky, halting play and sending the stands into a frenzy to get out of the suddenly-pouring rain. A severe weather alert had been issued, causing a thirty minute rain delay- then another, and another, until the game was cancelled before the homecoming court could be announced. 


The game was rained out with twenty-one points to Paschal and zero points to Trimble Tech. Faced with the opportunity to play Saturday morning, Trimble Tech forfeited, producing the first Paschal homecoming win since 2001- the year many current seniors were born. 


Chaos followed under the bleachers, where hundreds of students, parents, coaches, and administrators milled around uncertainly, waiting for any update on game status. The rain showed no sign of stopping and neither did the student section. The game on the field may have grinded to a halt, but rivalry among student sections was only getting started. 


A sizeable pack of Bulldogs marched into Panther territory chanting “Bulldogs!” and were met with a Paschal defense of smoke bombs, colored powder, and even silly string cans. Before the confrontation could escalate, students were returned to their respective sides of the stadium, where Paschal students created their own Hoco celebration, launching powder packets into the air and chanting “Paschal!” while music from phones blared. 


Most students dispersed earlier than the game’s scheduled end, heading into the storm . All students returned safely.


The homecoming court will be announced tonight, October 11th in between the Varsity and Junior Varsity volleyball games, at 5:30 and 7:00 respectively. buy over the counter medicines частный займ омскзайм беспроцентныйзайм на карту без отказа с 18 лет быстрый займ на электронный кошелекзайм денег в волгоградезайм 8000 на карту