The Modern TCU Game: High Schoolers' POV


Connor Hadley, Sports Writer

When most people think of college football games, they think of tailgates, a rowdy student section, and constant screaming and yelling coming from both sides of the stadium. However, high school students view these games a little bit differently. Everywhere you look you see girls dressed in purple and white outfits that they found buried deep inside their closets, with the tallest cowgirl boots they own, ready to pose for a picture. On the other hand, the guys are huddled up with their friends at the Chick-fil-a, watching the game on the big screens. To answer the most commonly asked question, which is whether or not high schoolers actually go into the game, the answer is no. High schoolers do not typically go inside the stadium to watch the game, and here is why.

Most of the time, a majority of the teens take this time away from their parents as an opportunity to mingle with students from other schools, while they hang out in The Blu, which is the common hang out spot for students. Everyone squeezes as many people they can inside a booth, talk amongst themselves, and eat Chick-fil-a. Juuls are passed from person to person, and the students are slowing beginning to prepare for the after parties they will be attending once the game is done. By the end of the game, the Chick-fil-a is filled with high school students and is practically trashed with all the leftover food and drink cups the students left behind…

Once the after parties come to an end and the students’ curfews slowly start approaching, it is time for everyone to go back to their homes and recover from their long day of fun. The pictures taken and the memories made will stick with them, as they await the next home TCU football game.

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