Athletes Compete Outside of Purple Halls


Connor Hadley and Ella Alvarado

We’ve all seen the football players around the school, and the volleyball players in their gameday outfits, but did you know there are many students that participate in sports outside of school? Whether it is select soccer or jiu jitsu, there are many different activities and sports for students to participate in outside of school. These sports can be very competitive and can take up a lot of time in a students life. There are only 24 hours in a day, and balancing both academics and outside of school sports can become very difficult. 

For example, take Claire Addington, who along with being on the Paschal girls soccer team, also participates in select soccer outside of school. She says she practices every week from 7:30-9:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays for select soccer, and during the season it’s almost every morning at 6:30 before school for school soccer. “Sometimes I have to do most of my homework during class,” Claire said. She says that it is sometimes overwhelming when she has a lot of homework and soccer practice, but it almost always ends up working out in the end. 

Sophomore Davis Watts plays football for Paschal and select baseball outside of school. Every afternoon from 3:00-6:00, Davis partakes in football practice, in addition to his 2 hour baseball practices every Tuesday night. Due to having these late practices every night, he has to stay up late completing his assignments. “I find it much more difficult to focus during the school days, after being up all night doing homework,” says Davis. He then adds, “ My grades are always much better when I am not participating in a sport that season.” Davis is considering quitting baseball, so that there is less stress imposed on him, and so he can do better scholastically. 

Claire and Davis are not the only highschoolers who struggle with having to balance so many activities at once. Almost every person competing in school sports also has practices outside of school to keep up the pace with the rest of their team. This leads to many student athletes becoming overworked and stressed trying to compete to the best of their abilities.

 To help with this some coaches have started “modified” workouts during school to lessen the extent and intensity. For example, to stay in shape before season the girls Paschal soccer team has to run cross country in the morning with the cross country team. However, the coaches know that this leads to overstressing young developing bodies, so they developed modified workouts to relieve some of the stress so that the girls are not breaking their bodies over select soccer, school soccer and now cross country. This helps to not overwork the kids and keep them in just as good shape as they would be without the risk of an overworked injury.

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