The Influence of Influencers


Tiktoker Cassidy Walker talking to her fans.

Callie Nettle

Since the rise of social media the saying “social influencer” has come up often.  A social influencer is a person who thrives off attention from their online following in social media, through which they benefit financially from the products they endorse online. The money either comes from the apps on which they post or from brands who pay the influencer to promote their product.

In many teens and kids eyes’, being a social influencer sounds like the best job in the world.  This mentality is created by seeing the people they follow, with million dollar mansions in Los Angeles, bought just from their online presence. But few consider the journey each influencer took to get to where they are. Although getting popular on social media seems like just luck, there is also time and effort that goes into it. It can take years of posting good content till something blows up. One funny post will probably not gain all the desired money and attention.

At Paschal there are a couple of students who attempted the journey of being an influencer by creating a YouTube channel, but then quit due to the fact all their hard work was not paying off instantly. The students that quit will remain unnamed, but still some continue on the journey.

There are two freshman that have stuck with YouTube. Michael Haro has 27 videos on his channel with 277 subscribers, despite the follower count he usually gets more than 277 views on each of his videos. Brenna Bowen has 9 videos on her channel with 40 subscribers but just like Michael, she gets more than 40 views on her videos. 

Another social media app that has recently gained attention is Tik Tok. Tik Tok is a newer version of the older app, where the users make short videos to a certain sound. There are three kids from Paschal that have gained quite a following on the app. Mia Pressley, freshman, has a total of 9.7k followers; Cassidy Walker, sophomore, has 11.4k followers, and  junior, Pepper Hahnfeld has gained 31.9k followers.

Cassidy has been making Tik Toks for a while but deleted some when they were not doing well. Then she made a video that showed how many crosses were on a wall in her house. She didn’t think anything would come of it but she said, “I checked after school and it started getting a lot of likes and views and then I started to get a following.” She said she was very happy it blew up but then realized she is going to keep making content for her followers. She thinks all her hard work was worth it because she has a huge following and said, “someone even went as far as to DM (direct message) me on Instagram saying they love me.”

A former Paschal student Olivia Rouyre worked super hard on YouTube and has gained 565k subscribers along with a million followers on Instagram.

So all in all the work is most definitely worth the payoff.  If you decide to walk along this path make sure to turn back.  So be thinking about all the effort people put into their presence the next time you like a post or watch a video.

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