Backing in vs. Pulling in: Which one dominates the Paschal lot?     

Lance Pelton, Elle Pettitt, and Gabriel Jones

Have you ever looked around the parking lot and wondered why people park the way they do?  If the answer is yes, prepare yourself for enlightenment.  The Pantherette conducted a survey of the cars in all three of the parking lots and found that 34% of people back in to the senior lot, with 30% in the tennis lot, and 16% in the sophomore lot.  The conclusion can be made that as students gain driving experience they begin to back in more frequently.

We asked students their preference when parking and why they choose to park this way. Sophomore Eric Garcia responded saying, “I tend to back into my parking spot due to the fact that the front end of my truck is very big and it’s difficult to see what is in front of me, so when I back in I can see the margins much better and can get out of my spot quicker and easier.”  Junior Johnny Schuerman said, “I back in because you always know how much time you have to get there but you never know how much time you have to leave.”

Some students gave a more humored response including sophomores Abby Jenkins and Anna Walker, “I pull in because I don’t want people to see me eating” and, “I reverse because it’s easier and my pull out game is strong.”

The Pantherette news staff took a drone of the parking lot and filmed aerial footage of the cars.  Enjoy the footage!